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The House of DreamMaker

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For over three decades, The House of DreamMaker has earned its reputation as the most creative experiential design curator in the world. It comprises a portfolio including well established, as well as first-mover concepts that create new paradigms in the experiential travel design space, each providing a differentiator for uber-luxury brands desiring to increase brand awareness and market share.

Le Faiseur de Reves Ltd. – LFDR is an international holding structure counting several operating companies (OpCos) focused on the experiential travel design space. LFDR owns all brands under The House of DreamMaker built on the idea that memories of people’s best experiences become their favorite stories.

The Beginning


Our legacy brand, founded by Gregory Patrick in 1988, pioneering the rental of private estates some 30 years prior to its booming growth today
Inaugural $13.8M trip goes viral globally in leading luxury and business press
Launching DreamMaker's brand Extension on March 1st, 2019
The establishment of our holding company in Malta, LFDR (a platform to be used to scale-up and bolt on luxury centric verticals)
DreamLeap, an innovative and vanguardist project in luxury theme park industry
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The DreamMaker

“Once-in-a-lifetime” (is not, if I can do it again). “Bespoke” (generally custom-tailored vs. fitted). “Exclusive” (it’s really not if one can find it on the internet in 40 seconds).

Provoking your laughter, passion, amazement (or even tears) is my end purpose in every experience I design. I write the screenplay to your movie, or all we have is another book-off-the shelf.

It takes a three-prong approach; your traveling butler, our newly trained Country Partners and our Command Center (to back them up) – it’s the only way we can manage your vacation in real time in order to deliver authentic, over-the-top experiences. We set the stage but it’s your show… as always, it’s all about the story.


Gregory Patrick
The DreamMaker

The House of DreamMaker


The House of DreamMaker is a design house under a Malta based holding company, Le Faiseur de Rêves Ltd., incorporating multiple verticals in the experiential travel & event design space. We pride ourselves in the creative design and execution of ultra-lux offerings in the increasingly commoditized world of luxury services.

The House of DreamMaker


Tours of Enchantment is our legacy brand, founded by Gregory Patrick in 1988, pioneering the rental of private estates some 30 years prior to its booming growth today. In our quest to scale globally, Tours of Enchantment split into DreamMaker® and Experientiality®, serving the B2B and B2C markets respectively.

The House of DreamMaker


DreamLife® is a lifestyle management offering which complements our sister brands. It includes cost-sharing for the UHNW who love to indulge in life’s ultimate luxuries, but at a fraction of the cost, resulting in valuable time savings – a luxury money can’t buy. At its core, it’s “collaborative consumption” for the ultra-wealthy.

The House of DreamMaker


DreamShare® is the first branded collection of private trophy homes whose ownership is shared among several families; the perfect hybrid of the ultimate Boutique Hotel, Residence & Destination Club models.

The House of DreamMaker


Experientiality® is a “ready-to-wear” designer travel line ~ unforgettable vacations and events executed with flawless precision by a traveling butler in concert with our 24-hour command center. Experientiality® is designed to scale with personalized experiences that may be repeated yet remain without peer due to our creativity, attention to detail and personalized design.

The House of DreamMaker


DreamLeap is the first mover in the experiential travel and event space, combining Broadway Theater, Cinematographic Visual Effects, Augmented Reality and Projection Mapping, all of which shall engross them in an illusion that has the family spellbound.

The House of DreamMaker


A new venture inspired by a long history! 32 years ago, we cut our teeth in the hospitality game by creating the first hosted million dollar super coaches in the United States, with tuxedo clad servers, entertainers and full dining service. DreamSuite takes it to another level offering shared ownership of multiple super coaches in Europe, Australia and the Americas with a rolling hotel suite accompanied by a mobile entourage of including a Physician, Butler, Chef, Nanny, Tutor, Video Producer and Mechanic.

Experiential Giving

It is our commitment to give back in every country we explore. The DreamMaker has been blessed to visit many of the world’s SOS orphanages, and despite their challenges, they receive constant sustenance, support, education and love. We are committed to share the experiences and memories through that which entertained our guests; the music, the dances, the horse rides, the falcons, the magic - every child is entitled to such joyous moments. Without the UHNW community we serve, it would be challenging to offer the less fortunate those little things we all treasured as children; gifts that delight, that giant swirl of cotton candy, or anything that gives a feeling of nostalgia when reminiscing about their childhood

Le Faiseur de Rêves

Investor Profile

Le Faiseur de Rêves, Ltd., Malta - LFDR is a global holding that incorporates multiple verticals offering bespoke experiences and all-inclusive packages to the ultra-wealthy, executed by in-house staff orchestrating handpicked service providers. LFDR thus combines the most outrageous creativity with the finest implementation skills; and the result is a travel experience, unlikely to replicate, and managed real-time!

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The impact of the current pandemic crisis on the luxury travel industry is massive: Travel firms had to furlough their staff, suspend operations, or on some sad occasions, shutter their doors. It hit us hard as well, but we were ahead of the curve in showing resolve and resilience during the first phase of the pandemic and we ensured a full return to business by September 2020 managing to end the year profitably.

In a contrarian move, we made the strategic decision to raise sufficient funds to scale-up globally, expand our governance construct and reinvigorate our marketing efforts. Our clients remain our ultimate shareholders and they seek to return to a sense of normalcy when traveling. To that end, we immediately rolled out Covid-19 “safer” experiences, thinking beyond jets and yachts.

As we reimagine the next normal, we are transforming The House of DreamMaker into a global corporate structure fully adapted to the new environment.

Enhancing digital engagement, fostering financial stability, and digitizing the end-to-end supply chain, are all managerial decisions being implemented. Remote-working platforms are helping to ensure larger geographic coverage and presence. Experiential luxury travel remains a fast-growing component of the annual spend for millennials, Gen X and baby boomers. Anticipating shifts in clients’ sentiment and behavior is embedded in our model that strongly relies on personalized attention. We are confident that, with meticulous planning and skillful execution, our group can successfully weather the crisis and emerge even stronger. The actions we’ve outlined denote our ability to make adequate decisions faster than the rate at which the market evolves, while building and strengthening our business for the longer term.


Walid Hayeck
Chief Executive Officer

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